Women's week

No phones, no computers, no fax machines and no men. This is the perfect prescription for women who need a little stress relief from city grind. Instructing and guiding female-only fly-fishing trips has become a very important aspect of the industry, and we are proud to present Bulkley Basecamps womens week. This trip offers a chance to enjoy the experience of fly fishing and the outdoors without the scrutiny or egos of big groups of men.

The old days when fishing was a mens club is long over and women across the world are well aware of how soothing, and relaxing fly- fishing is. This summer, escape to Bulkley Basecamp for our annual women’s week. Join us in a special gathering of women only, to celebrate the magical sport of fly fishing. Catering to women fly fishing enthusiasts is an important component of our sport. By having weeks dedicated to women, or to families we can ensure that anyone who has had reservations about the lodge experience has a place in this growing sport.

The wide variety of opportunities Bulkley Bascamp presents will capture your imagination in all that it has to offer. From its grand vistas to its subtly elegant lodging, original gourmet Western cuisine, and personalized service, this is the trip you have been waiting for.

Whether new to the sport or a passionate angler this will be a week sure to both challenge and inspire you. Your hostess for the week is Andrea Soto, who has travelled and fished all throughout Alaska, Chile, New Zealand and BC. She will be on the river each and every day with you teaching you the tricks she has learned to become such an accomplished angler.

Our expert guides, led by the renowned Bulkley guide and instructor Joel Gourley our senior guide, Michael Brackenhofer, and owner/ operator Derek Botchford will offer a variety of clinics, including; beginning fly casting, improved nymphing techniques, the dynamics of drift boat fishing, all the way to skagit spey casting. It is an experience guaranteed to rejuvenate your soul, deepen friendships, and leave you ready and prepared for more.

Women are now trading in their spa week-ends for fly rods, rubber boots, and handmade flies. What used to be a man's sport and thought to be the week women loved to get rid of their
husbands, or not. Women are now booking their own "week adventures with the girls" and leaving the men at home to fend for themselves.

Women are now; out tying, out hiking, and out fishing most men. Bulkley Basecamp understands that the women's week away is just as important as the mens.

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