With all our available water we catch great fish all summer long. Our season starts June 15th  and we run until Aug 21. We fish different areas as the summer proceeds.

Early season the trout fishing is excellent as the fry migrations attract huge trout into outflows of the lakes. The early chinook arrive at the beginning of June and by the 21st the run is in full force.  The runs of salmon continue to pile into all the river systems throughout July, and by Aug 1st the majority of the fish are moving up towards the headwaters of each river.

In August there are still some Chinook entering the river but not in great numbers. The rivers are full of salmon at this time including pinks, chum, and Chinook. The high altitude lakes begin to offer excellent trout fishing as the temps are warm enough to provide consistent insect hatches.

The early salmon are starting to spawn which provides excellent trout fishing as they feed on the eggs.

The weather is unpredictable in Northern BC, but typically by the end of June the weather is quite warm at the lower altitudes. However you should be prepared for all weather conditions.

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