Best King Salmon fishing in BC

King salmon are the largest of BC’s salmon and are known for their brute strength. This is a voracious predator that will challenge your skills and the best of gear. The Kings will run up to 50 pounds, or more, and require a great deal of skill to hook and land, especially on the fly.

You should be prepared for fights or drives of 15 to 30 minutes to land some of these giants. Our King Salmon fishing program takes advantage of three different rivers in which we target these massive salmon.
The 1st river we fish for King Salmon is the Morice River. We have a small fish camp there (Morice River Lodge), where our guide lives. It is a 45 minute drive from which you will jet boat into the camp.

If you have always wanted the fishing trip of a lifetime, this is the river system that supports the best “World Class” opportunity remaining in Salmon Sport Fishing. The Morice River supports the largest run of King Salmon on the entire Skeena watershed.

The 2nd river we fish for King salmon is the Kitimat – a 20 minute plane ride away from our lodge.

The 3rd river is right in front of the lodge – it’s the famous Bulkley River, our home waters. You will have excellent fly fishing opportunities for King Salmon on the Morice, and Kitimat, and mostly spin fishing on the Bulkley.


Rainbow trout fishing in BC

Rainbow trout fishing is our specialty at Alaska Rainbow Lodge. The worlds largest Rainbow Trout, some trout up to 18 pounds, come from this awesome resource here in the Bulkley Valley making us a truly unparalleled fishing lodge.  Bulkley Basecamp will provide you with a real chance of catching the largest native Rainbow Trout of your life. 

If you want to catch a true trophy Rainbow Trout, some of our remote fly in lakes have some of the largest in the province.  If you like catching large quantities of trout 14-20 inches on dry flies, and have a river all to yourself you will enjoy our fly out adventures.

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