What to bring


While you can expect warmer days, be prepared for brisk mornings all year. Chest high breathable waders are recommended and allow enough space to layer underneath. They are a good choice for a large variety of temperatures throughout the season. Stockingfoot waders are the most common and are paired with good boots. They provide good support and excel when hiking or doing difficult wading. Bootfoot waders have the boot built in and are excellent for providing extra warmth. They lack good support however and are not great when hiking through the forest. For wading boots people like bottoms with felt, felt with spikes or river tractors flat bars.
We see the brands Simms, Patagonia and Reddington waders and boots the most.
Rain Gear

Rain gear is essential in steelhead country. We recommend Gore-Tex jackets and styles that allow for
easy movement. They should be large enough to allow for layering and have a good hood. It can really rain here and there’s nothing worse than being soaked to the bone.
Under Wader Wear Layering is important when steelhead fishing. On any given day temperatures can fluctuate widely from frigid mornings to downright hot afternoons. Long underwear, good socks, warm pants and fleece or puff sweaters with wicking baselayers and warm materials like polypro, capilene, down, wool and synthetics.

Other Clothing: Good hats for sun protection and beanies for cold days are a must. Coming prepared with a few extras goes a long ways too!

Gloves are also very important and can make your day. There are many new gloves on the market that all have their own appeal.

Sunglasses are a must. Besides being protection for your eyes, they can help reduce glare on bright and cloudy days. We recommend UV protection and polarized models.


A large assortment of dry and wet flies work exceptionally well for Babine River steelhead. Your guides are familiar with what works...don’t be afraid to ask them.

Dry Flies

The key to a good Babine River Dry Fly pattern is the right profile and superior buoyancy. Select
patterns that will ride high and create a big wake. The most common pattern in Skeena Country is the Pom Skater in both tan and black. However flies tied with materials like foam, deer or moose hair are all great.

Wet Flies

Traditional wet flies have a long history on the Babine. Patterns like the Skunk, Purple Peril and Boss
are still regularly used and often excellent “clean up” flies when nothing else seems to get a grab. At Babine Steelhead Lodge the Green Butt Skunk has a special mystique.
Intruder style flies or popsicle style are far and away the most common here. Materials with movement and patterns with good size and flash are popular. Colors like pink and black/blue are regulars and names like reverse marabou, fish taco, hobo spey, rockstar are mainstays.

Tube Flies

It seems like every great steelhead pattern is available in a tube variety now. Tubes are great for
changing out quickly, changing hooks, and even adjusting hook placements on the fly. They are quickly becoming a staple.
Trailer or tube fly hooks are common in sizes 2 and 1. Brands like Gamakatsu octopus or Owner SSW are ideal. Straight Eye varieties can be great for tube flies.

Travel Check

Airline tickets and itinerary
Valid passport and separate copy of passport Fishing License
Wallet, cash, credit cards
Toiletries and Ibuprofen
Prescription Medications
Camera, film, lens paper, battery Address & Telephone numbers Emergency Telephone number
Long underwear
Lite pile or fleece pants and jacket Long-sleeved and short-sleeved shirts Slacks or pants and belt
Undershirts and briefs
Playing cards/books
Pocket Knife
Light and heavy socks
Reading Glasses
Waterproof Camp Shoes
Indoor Slippers/Flip Flops
General Tackle List
Fishing hat, toque Rain jacket
Fishing gloves Sunscreen
Lip balm & hand lotions
Dry bag for float trips Waterproof bag for wading gear Tape measure
Fly rods and reels
Spare spools and spare lines Leaders/Tippet
Fly boxes/Flies
Polarized sunglasses + spare pair Waders/Boots/Wading Belt Wading belt
Under-wader wear
Gravel guards
Clippers/Pliers/ Hemostats Fishing vest/Tackle pack
Day pack
Reel lubricant
Hook file/Knot tool


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