Steve Morrow heads up new Steelhead operation


BBCs new venture on the lower Bulkley River has morphed into a very popular steelhead program.  Its small intimate size sets the tone for an unparalleled ability to individually tailor each week to the most current river conditions.  If conditions are good anglers will have more options then ever before at any steelhead lodge in BC.

This program has risen slowly over the past 3 years and the vision has truly come to fruition. For the 2018 steelhead season a new veteran manager/guide will be stepping in to lead the camp. Steve Morrow will bring his 15 years of experience to elevate the cohesion of this fishing camp/lodge, and add his innovative and fresh ideas to a program based strictly on the ability to fish hard on a variety of the worlds best steelhead fisheries. 

Steve Morrow brings more than his long list of loyal clients who have fished with him all over Northern BC.  A big part of why Steve Morrow accepted the job hire was to implement a new conservation first movement in conjunction with Native Fish Society, Epic Waters Angling, and Babine Steelhead Lodge.  Steve brings with him a dynamic ability to steer a fresh, new conservation movement into future, ultimately leading the way to preserve the resources we all cherish. Everyone involved is very excited about the new move. 

Steve’s team at Bulkley Basecamp: Steelhead program will be Chris George, Trevor Ford and Kelly Hassell.   

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