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When you seek the best life has to offer. Indulge at the most exclusive King Salmon on the fly lodge in Canada. Unwind at our brand new riverside lodge where you will meet luxury at every turn.  Sample exquisite cuisine and the finest wines. This is the most sought-after experience and the most unforgettable adventure for spey fisherman looking for a new challenge.

Every year as salmon pour into north central BC waters, fishermen from around the world hit the rivers in pursuit of Salmon fishing British Columbia. Within easy driving distance of Terrace, anglers can access many notable salmon fisheries on the road system with the chance of hooking into a trophy fish.

On most of the chinook fisheries in BC there is a combination of an easy drive, and easy access that sets the stage for what many fly fishermen consider a distasteful experience on the water. Although its wonderful to have access like this for the general public, over crowded fishing can often seem synonymous with salmon fishing.  Our program strives to get you away from the crowds, and put you on secluded waters where you can fly fish for king salmon in peace.

We are fortunate enough to have three rivers that get very large runs of chinook salmon  with little to no angling pressure.  Each river has different run timing and which allows us to fish fresh, chrome fish just entering the rivers for over six weeks.

Our program is simple. When you fish with us you will be guarantee a few things.

  • A multi day overnight trip to a fly-in, exclusive river on the coast where we have acquired highly sought after classified rod days
  • A fly-in day trip from the lodge to a secluded stretch of water near the coast
  • Three days fishing the best options to catch fish on upper and lower Skeena, Kitimat, Bulkley, Morice, or Rainbow Alley

What truly makes Bulkley Basecamp unique compared to any other operation are our Spotlight Camps.  Our camps are set up on smaller, coastal, classified rivers picture perfect to swing flies for king salmon.  These are exclusive, rare and unique fisheries as kings usually prefer larger rivers for their freshwater stays. They are gorgeous and un-crowed and offer what we consider to be the best BC salmon fishing experience available.
To select your week you first need to decide which “spotlight camp” to hit.  This is the highlight of the trip. We run three separate camps over the six week season. Each camp operates for two weeks, and then we move the entire camp to a new river.  This is how we are able to fish these rivers in the prime two weeks of the run. 

Kermode Camp - July 1-14
Haisla Camp - July 14-Aug 1
Tyee Camp - Aug 1-14

Bulkley Basecamp runs from July 1-Aug 14

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