Rainbow Alley

Rainbow Alley is a world class trout fishery near the lodge.  The trout grow to abnormally large sizes due to the massive run of sockeye that come through. This is very similar to Alaska rivers.

When visitors stay at our BC fishing lodge they can take a day off from King fishing to target trout. The first fishing we do at Rainbow Alley is the fry migration in June. As the cold winter temps of the lake warm up, the salmon eggs are triggered to hatch.  Small Alevin (fry with egg) begin to swim around the gravel beds. By mid June the water temps have warmed up enough to provide some huge insect hatches, the biggest and most sought after being the stoneflies.  As wide as your wrist these bugs attract the largest fish in the lake to come in and feed aggressively on dries.  Hatches continue throughout the summer months and fishing is always consistent at rainbow alley.

Rainbow fishing in Northern B.C is a very unique experience. At our BC fishing lodge we strive to make this experience even better. The lakes and rivers tend to hold large quantities of fish because of the huge amounts of insect life, plus the added nutrients the populations of salmon provide. Trout will follow the salmon into rivers and creeks waiting for the opportunity to begin eating their eggs as they spawn, or fry as they hatch.

Rainbow Alley is exactly this. This short river is located in between 2 lakes and the fish hold here in large numbers.  Rainbow Alley can produce trout well over 5 pounds. One cast when trout fly fishing could bring to the surface a 12 incher while the next a 6 pound alpha male. The river is always in good shape, and catch rates tend to be very high each day.

Each spring one of the greatest fish migrations found in BC happens at rainbow Alley. The close proximity of our BC fishing lodge allows us excellent access to this. The outgoing smolt migrations from the sockeye salmon who have spawned throughout the Babine Lake system bring fertile nutrition to the waiting hoards of Rainbow Trout, just when they need it most. Roving up and down the river are schools of large aggressive and hungry trophy Rainbows crashing violently into fleeing shoals of bite size salmon. The action can be fast, furious and heart stopping.

Fish in spring waters are impatient for the millions of salmon fry heading to the ocean. Rainbow Trout, Lake Trout, Dolly Varden, and Bull trout are very aggressive and smash almost any fly in their path.  Fishing is done by anchoring on one of the large spawning beds and casting floating lines with a variety of fry imitations. While swinging your fry you slowly strip it in attracting these aggressive fish.  

Come stay at our BC fishing lodge and experience the excellent fly fishing in the region.

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