Skeena River Camp - July 1 - Aug 25

$650 for 1 day and 1 night per angler. Customize your trip for as many days as you like.


Our Skeena River camp is at the mouth of a small tributary creek just outside of Terrace.  The location is in the heart of the best steelhead and salmon fishing on the Skeena.  We fish different beats primarily from the Copper River to the Exchamsiks River, but like to focus mostly around the Kalum.  The Skeena is famous for its large runs of migratory salmon and steelhead and there is no better place to hook them than in Terrace.  

The Skeena in Terrace is just above tidal water where the fish are mint chrome and still ocean strong.  Of course the fish are still impressive when they reach there natal rivers like the Bulkley, Kispiox, Babine, and Sustut but when you catch them on the lower Skeena they are a different beast.  Blistering runs deep into your backing, hooks straightened and nets bent are all common place on the lower Skeena.  It shouldn't be a question of IF you want to fish the Skeena, just a question of WHEN!

Bulkley Basecamp operates many camps like this throughout north coast BC so you can expect comfortable tents, sleeping bags, amazing secluded sites on private land with no noise or public interferance.  Our camps are exclusive.  

Skeena camp provides 1 guide for every 2 guests unless otherwise requested.  Our food is all prepared by our year round chef Brandi Collins out of the main lodge and it is second to none.  Brandi is as talented as any chef in northern BC and it is only due to our ability to provide her with year round work that we have kept her for 4 years running.  This is rare in the lodge business. Our onsite guide will prepare your food to the specifications of Brandi.

The reason most people choose our camps over lodges is simple.  It is a great price for what you get, and you can fish 1/3 more of the time.  We hit the water at first light and are often still out at 10pm.  We typically run back to the camp for a mid day nap when the fishing slows down.  It is impossible for a lodge to provide you with as much fishing time as you would get at our camp.

Our camp does not have home water.  This may seem like a negative but in fact it is a positive.  Most camps with home water end up sticking you on it way to often.  It is easy for your guide to be lazy expecting you to fish the home water for hours every day.  For us we boat out to the best runs aggressively and move around like a proper guided day.  Our camp is a couple minutes to some great runs. Our guides bust there butts hard at camp and on the water.

We provide you with fishing gear, flies, leaders and anything else you may need.  You just need to show up in waders and a will to have a good time, let us take care of the rest.

Not includes: alcohol (we do serve wine with dinner), gratuities (we recommend $75-$100 per day to your guide per person)  This is 10-15% of the cost but you will not quite understand how hard your guide works for you out there until you see it.  They are up in the dark making coffee, and stay up late cleaning and prepping.  Camps are extremely labor intensive and although our guides are paid very well they truly have a great appreciation for tips that celebrate the effort they put in each and every day.  Of course if you are not satisfied in anyway your tip should represent that and please let us know.

Itinerary:  Trips are custom and can be any duration you choose.  1 day would include a night and dinner at camp and fishing the following morning and the entire day.  We like guests to spend the night before the day of fishing at camp so we can get out extremely eary in the morning. 

Sample of a 3 day trip, you can book from a 1 day up to a 6 day trip with us. 

Day 1 :  We will pick you up from your hotel or at the airport and take yo into camp around 6pm for dinner.  Often we go fish a couple hours after dinner, however it is good to get to bed early for the following day

Day 2 : 5am breakfast and coffee and immediatley getting on the water to fish.  We often fish until early afternoon and head back to camp for a mid day break.  By 4pm we like to head back out as other anglers are leaving and fish until 10pm. This is basically 2 full days of fishing in one day.

Day 3:  5am breakfast and coffee and immediatley getting on the water to fish.  We often fish until early afternoon and head back to camp for a mid day break.  By 4pm we like to head back out as other anglers are leaving and fish until 10pm. 

Day 4:  The final day we take it easy in the morning and operate like a typical guided day. 7am breakfast, fishing by 8am.  Fishing until around 5pm where we will deliver you back to your hotel.  


Every guest will have there own private tent cabin.  We only cator to groups up to 4 and if you book 2 or more spots you will have camp all to yourself


Your river side Skeena Camp at night


Run Timing

Steelhead:  Aug 1- Aug 25

The Steelhead run starts in July but around the first of August you can expect to start catching them on a regular basis. This fishery isn't exactly what you would see on the upper tribs.  Down on the lower Skeena you are fishing moving fish.  We search out ambush points where steelhead like to pause or rest and swing flies waiting for the fish to come to us.  On the upper reaches we search the fish out but down low we let the fish come to us.  These steelhead are in the best shapes of there lives and will test your strength with every tug.  Be patient and you will tie into the fish of your life.


King Salmon:  July 1-Aug 1

The King salmon run can be quite spectauclar on the Skeena but they are difficult not impossible to catch on the fly.  When the water has over 2 feet of visibility we can swing flies with some success on the Skeena.  When we get over 4 feet of visibility we can hook king salmon fairly consistently.  With ideal conditions we can hook 1-3 fish a day and the fights are truly epic.  Most times you will end up in the boat chasing the fish downstream trying to keep up with them.


Sockeye Salmon: July 10 - Aug 10

Sockeye may just be the best eating fish on the Pacific coast.  They are easy to catch, pile into the river by the thousands and make you the hero at every summertime bbq in existance. We mostly sockeye fish to out a few in the freezer but these fish jump and fight with the best of them.  


Coho Salmon: July 15 - Aug 25  

Coho are typically a bi-catch for us while we are targeting steelhead but they are always exciting when we hook one. They are extremely agressive to a swung fly and swim through fast shallow water just like steelhead. Coho in the Skeena can be very large and if you have caught them in Alaska before you will be shocked how large our "Northern Coho" can get. 


 This pic taken through the screen of your tent


A Skeena steelhead caught a few minutes from camp


A photo of the Tributary of the Skeena camp is on 


Fishing the Skeena


Take some Fish home with you: Although we are unable to process fish out of camp there are place in town that will flash freeze and vacuum seal for you to take home.


Fun for the whole family


Steelhead are prized jewel of the Skeena


Fishing waters

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