Haisla Camp July 6-26


A remote river valley cuts through the heart of British Columbia’s northern coastal range, offering exceptional opportunities to target King salmon on the fly.  Starting as early as June, these fish ascend the river peppered in sea lice and are the cleanest platinum, chrome kings you will ever catch in a river. Every fish is memorable and built with the speed and power to empty reels.  These are the fly eating, wild fish that spey fisherman dream of.

The river

It sits in a temperate valley of cedar, cottonwood, spruce and fir and is hemmed in by snowcapped peaks and hanging glaciers. It runs a clear glacial green through white water, canyons and massive glides. The setting alone is dramatic and the scenery stunning.

The runs

They are varied from large stacking holes to choppy riffles to never ending flats. The Kings sit in water from deep crawling corners to shallow fast tailouts. The runs are plentiful, pressure is minimal and the wading although deep at times is not difficult. You really couldn’t ask for better water anywhere!

The expectation

Everyday a client will go out and hook one of these impressive giants. As with all fisheries of course you can hook many more and you can certainly hook less. The fishery is a challenging one but the reward is a fish you cant find in this condition anywhere else. Really, truly, everyone of these fish is incredible.

In addition you can expect sea-run bull trout, cutthroat and rainbow trout daily.

The camp

This is something that we have down to science at Bulkley Basecamp. Wall tents for sleeping, heaters, drying tents, solar showers, out houses and epic views are all some of the things you can expect at camp. We always try to make it as comfortable as possible while maintaining a few of those things that add to the feeling of wilderness we all want on these trips.

The Location 

It is 100 kilometers south west of Smithers BC. The convenient (40 minutes in a float plane) travel time feels like a stones throw from Smithers but the atmosphere couldn’t be further away.

The pledge

Our pledge as always is that you can expect a service and quality from a team with years of outfitting experience. From the boats to the camp to the guides to the gear you will use. You can rest assured your trip will be well managed.  



Arrive in Smithers on the evening flight the night before your trip begins and we will shuttle you to our luxury lodge for the night.  

Day 1: Depart Tyee Lake (Smithers, BC) at 1:30pm (40 min flight) via Float plane landing minutes from our camp where you will be shuttled by boat to King camp. Each guest will get there own luxury tent. fish all day and overnight at camp.

Day 2: Fish a different section of the river and overnighting at camp.

Day 3:  Again Fishing the river all day and overnighting at camp

Day 4:  Fishing our river all day and overnighting at our luxury camp.

Day 5 :  Last day of fishing and last night at camp.

Day 6:   After an early breakfast fish hard until 3pm when the flight back to Smithers departs.

Day 7:  Depart from Smithers for home on Air Canada 




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