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During the summer in northern BC their are many opportunities for the angler in pursuit of world class fishing. Our operation is centrally located to access northern, and southern fjords on the coast, and inland watersheds all teaming with fish.  In BC the very best rivers are classified by the government, which means only a select few guides have access to the most pristine fisheries.  One of the most sought after classified systems is the upper Skeena, or "Skeena 4".  The river flows through some of the most remote and picturesque landscape in the province.   It also holds huge runs of king salmon. On a special day trip out of Smithers BC we can take you on a section of the upper Skeena that will instantly become a lifetime memory. With little to no angling pressure these fish are extremely aggressive and apt to strike a fly.

If you are more interested in Fishing for trophy rainbow trout where the action is fast and furious all day long, allow us to take you into Rainbow Alley.  This special fishery can deliver even a beginner fly fisherman 20-30 trout on dry flies in a day.  An experienced dry flsherman can average 30-40 fish a day with many topping the 5 pound mark. 

Fishing the Bulkley Valley in the summer is an exciting adventure which will give you a wide variety of opportunities to fish many different types of waters and species. The Bulkley/Morice Rivers, our home waters, are great for Salmon fishing in BC,  where you can target king salmon on the fly or with gear. The Morice has the largest run of Kings Salmon of any Skeena Tributary and offers good clear water to access them.

If you are interested in a fly out trip we are only 15-35 minutes flight time away from 3 world class rivers and several trophy rainbow trout lakes. By utilizing a float plane base 5 minutes from the lodge we have access to a multitude of rivers and lakes. We have some excellent fisheries available for Canadian Salmon fishing only accessible by float plane.

The available fishing area includes the extremely scenic Nanika Park. It has one of the most prolific rainbow trout fisheries in BC. This high altitude lake has voracious trout who gorge in July and August. They stack up in the mouth of the lake where we often see them take mice off the surface in early evening. Catching 30-50 18 inch rainbows on dry flies is not uncommon in this fishery.

If you are interested in rainbow trout fishing but do not want to fly out, our Lodge location allows us to fish 3 excellent rivers and several 4X4 lakes without ever needing a plane. Our rivers are lake fed and therefore never blow out. We also offers excellent Salmon fishing in BC opportunities.


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