Bulkley BaseCamp Steelhead

6 day trip:$6400usd / 3 day trip:$3450usd

Our standard fishing program from camp is fishing 2 days each on the Skeena, Bulkley and Morice rivers for a total of 6 days. However we can tailor a week to any combination of rivers you like.  We allow for flexibility to target beats under the most ideal water conditions. The upper Bulkley and Morice rivers are fishable 90% of the time throughout a fishing season so you will always have somewhere to go fish, no matter how dire the circumstances.

The Fishing Package

Your trip at Bulkley Basecamp gives you access to the Skeena river, Babine river, Bulkley River and Morice River. You can work with us to design your own perfect trip with any combination of these rivers that suits you the best. If the weather turns foul and rivers blow out, you can rest assured you will have the best chance at clean water with fishing above the Telkwa on the Bulkley or going to the Morice River.  If Rivers are in prime shape you can trophy hunt for the biggest fish that swim in the Skeena system.  

We also have some exclusive add ons that anyone can select at anytime

Helicopter to the Babine

Our lodge offers the only day trips or multi day trips to the Babine river. Fly in to our sister lodge on the babine and head off in a jet boat for the day. You can also decide to book an overnight trip and stay at a riverside cabin on the Babine river for 2 day trips. From our camp it is about 20 minutes in a chopper to the Babine. To fish the Babine you would pay an additional rod day fee and the typical helicopter rate.


Helicopter to the upper Skeena

These trips are in high demand at the moment. The upper Skeena is a pristine environment with no logging, little to no pressure, and fish that make the effort all worth while. The chopper rates can be as much as $3500usd for the day between 3 anglers but you will have your own helicopter for the day moving wherever and whenever you like. Dropping into runs without so much as a footprint throughout the day

Helicopter to multi-day floats

Have you ever dreamed of floating via raft into waters that have no other anglers on them. Waking up on the best run on the river, enjoying your coffee while your partner tags a huge steelhead. We offer the opportunity to do just that during the early, warmer weeks of the season. Multi-day trips on the upper reaches of the Skeena, or through the middle, rarely fished section of the Babine. Work it right into your custom program at our luxury camp.

About the camp

The camp is located on the lower Bulkley river and fits in perfectly with the surroundings. This is a true steelhead gem. We are on a great section of river where you can fish on your own in the mornings or evenings any time you like (as long as you follow the rules and regulations set forth by the government). Our camp takes 6 guests a week and we have 2 people per wall tent (private tents can be arranged if asked for in advance.) There is a dinning room, large deck area, kitchen to socialize in. There are outhouses and a shower facility to utilize anytime. The tents are wood heated and extremely comfortable in every regard. The food is home style, prepared by a camp cook that does an exceptional job. Although it is basic in some ways it will exceed your expectations.


The Fish

The steelhead on this camp section of the Bulkley are some of the largest and freshest in the system.  When we drive 10 minutes to fish the Skeena we are tageting fish before they enter the Kispiox, Babine and Sustut.  When you catch some of these huge fish in the mainstem Skeena you can find yourself overmatched no matter what gun you bring to the fight. Stories of break offs after an hour battle are all to common.  We also offer overnight trips to Morice River to experience the crystal clear, pristine dry fly waters of the most prolific steelhead waters in the province.  All of these great options and you can still add a day on the Babine at any time. 


Fishing waters

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