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Skeena River Camp - July 1 - Aug 25
  Our Skeena River camp is at the mouth of a small tributary creek just outside of Terrace.  The location is in the heart of the best steelhead and salmon fishing on the Skeena.  We fish different beats primarily from the Copper River to the Exchamsiks River, but like to focus mostly around the Kalum.  The Sk...
$650 for 1 day and 1 night per angler. Customize your trip for as many days as you like.
Haisla Camp July 6-26
A remote river valley cuts through the heart of British Columbia’s northern coastal range, offering exceptional opportunities to target King salmon on the fly.  Starting as early as June, these fish ascend the river peppered in sea lice and are the cleanest platinum, chrome kings you will ever catch in a riv...
Tyee Camp: Aug 2-14
Targeting the worlds largest king salmon on the fly is a right of passage for any serious spey angler.  This camp is built in the heart of the best fishing on the river allowing you to walk to the best runs right from your very own tent cabin.  This is akin to travelling the world for trophy hunts, and if you...
Haida Gwaii trip
This unique trip will give you the ultimate Northern BC fly fishing experience.  It combines 3 days fishing the ocean for salmon at our Haida Gwaii (Queen Charlotte Islands) lodge, along with fishing the rivers of the Bulkley Valley.  Space is very limited so advance bookings is a must.   By weeks end you wil...
Bulkley BaseCamp Steelhead
Our standard fishing program from camp is fishing 2 days each on the Skeena, Bulkley and Morice rivers for a total of 6 days. However we can tailor a week to any combination of rivers you like.  We allow for flexibility to target beats under the most ideal water conditions. The upper Bulkley and Morice rivers...
6 day trip:$6400usd / 3 day trip:$3450usd
Steelhead Paradise
  This is the newest program on the Skeena system and is quickly gaining a loyal following. Manager Steve Morrow will ensure your trip is completely tailored to what you like.  WIth a huge variety of fishing opportunities, the steelhead world is truly your Oyster. This is a world class “camp” on the lower Bu...
$6200usd plus tax
Day trips
During the summer in northern BC their are many opportunities for the angler in pursuit of world class fishing. Our operation is centrally located to access northern, and southern fjords on the coast, and inland watersheds all teaming with fish.  In BC the very best rivers are classified by the government, wh...

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