Morice River

The Morice river is one of the premier salmon rivers in BC, and we are fortunate to be the only outfitter licensed to guide on it. This means we have access to all the best water and see very little traffic on the river.  The Morice chinook salmon run has an excellent population of 10 000 fish a year.  Its small size, and clear water makes this a perfect place to target chinook on the fly.   When fishing the Morice River we strictly use flies. Some of the runs we fish anchored in our jet boats, and other swinging flies from shore with spey rods.  The fish that reach the Morice are in excellent condition and will give you a battle never to be forgotten.

The Morice runs through a diverse scenic river valley.  At the headwaters the landscape is the beautiful Nanika, and Nadina mountains, that loom over the crystal clear glacial Morice Lake.  It meanders down to the Bulkley river where the Telkwa Range mountains take hold of the sky.  Probably one of the nicest surprises for anglers fishing the Morice for chinook is the diversity. We keep a few rods rod rigged as you may be sight casting to large, fresh rolling fish in an eddie on one side of the river, and then swinging  spey flies into a root wad on the other.   This is a very consistent fishery where our chinook average 15-25 pounds.

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