Lake fishing for trout

Before you turn your nose up on lake fishing, hear me out. We had three different fisherman in 2011, each with over 30 years of flyfishing experience, (one with 58 years) swear they had their best fishing day ever with us on still water!!! Barrett Lake is our bread-and-butter lake, but we also fish seven other semi-secret lakes that will change your attitude to lake fishing. Even if you only do it for one day during your week you will never forget it.

Barrett is a small lake filled with countless weedbeds, and the best part is that you will not see another boat anywhere on the lake! Well, last season we did see one other boat on two separate occasions.
Whether you are skating large dries, stripping streamers, or chronimid fishing you will see plenty of action. The average size of the fish approaches 20 inches, but you will see many fish in the five pound range and beyond.
We have no set time or schedule as to fishing hours and will cater to your wishes.

If you want to fish until dark, which is 11pm in the summer, no problem. Our guides, myself included, are hardworking and if you want to fish 16 hours a day, we will do it!!!

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