Kitimat River

Although the Morice river takes a huge run of chinook salmon, and provides one of the most consistent chinook “on the fly” fisheries, it is 200 miles from the ocean.  This is why we have a camp on the Kitimat river where we spend 2 days fishing for tide fresh chinook salmon.  The Kitimat is a low gradient river offering some of the best swing water you will ever see targeting chinook.  Gear or fly, the kitimat is an amazing river to fish.  Chinook over 50 pounds roll in tide fresh, ready to do battle with you and test your gear like no other fresh water fish has done before.  You will have two days with us on the Kitimat River to catch fish just minutes out of the Ocean. 

Unlike the Morice where we are the only licensed guide, the Kitimat receives a fair share of guided pressure. However it is regulated with no jet boats, which means the only way to fish it is by floating in rafts or drift boats.  This levels the playing field, and with endless water to fish it is a great salmon river that should not be missed.

Our camp at the Kitimat is not remote and it is at a public site, however the facility is great.  Heated wall tents, running water, electricity, showers, and a great campfire to enjoy laughs over some great wine. 

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