The Fishing

Our fisheries are focused on small coastal fly in destinations targeting fresh BC salmon, more specifically king salmon on the fly.  I get excited about these small systems because you feel more connected to the water and the fish.  What really floored me on the chinook fishery in BC was the size of the fish. There may be fisheries further north or south that can put you on higher numbers of kings on the fly, but I have never seen fish over 40 pounds as consistently as in BC.

For me the most exciting thing guiding is when I see someone hook into a 40-50 pound wild, native chinook on a spey rod in a small coastal river.  Life altering, mind blowing experiences that you will rank as high as anything you have done with a spey rod.  

The most important factor when selecting a British Columbia lodge is the waters in the fishing program and the diversity it offers.  Although we love to fish the Bulkley and Morice which are our home waters, we utilize float, and wheel planes to access the best fisheries in northern BC.   As with any anadromous fish, run timing and water conditions dictate how good fishing is at any given time of the year.  

This is why we have gone to great lengths to create three, separate king salmon on the fly expeditions.  Each one offers you the chance to spend the night fishing full days and into the evening.  Upon return to the main lodge you will have your own private cabin with bath.   Its nice to know you will be back home soon in world class accomodations if the weather gets wet on your camping trip.

Over a week’s trip with us you will have a multi day fly out to one of our  spotlight camps, and day trip fly out to a close coastal river.  This is comibined with trips to the Skeena mainstem, and a few other rivers in the area.  You decide where you go each day, and we cater your week to exactly what you like to do.  With only 8 guests and all this water to fish, you will be assured to be on the best available Canada salmon fishing trip, maximizing your time spent fishing.

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