Frequently Asked Questions

Our lodge can take 12 guests at a time, however we normally have  8 anglers at one time unless it is a group booking.  This allows us the flexibility to put anglers on a wide variety of water over a week utilizing planes, jet boats, and vehicles.

We fish a very wide range of altitudes in the Bulkley Valley. In mid to late June temps runs around 50-55 degrees F on average.  Our waters can reach up to mid 60's in August, but that is rare. The lakes start in June around high 40's and slowly warm up into the 60’s by the end of summer.

Yes. Our Fly Fishing packages are fully guided and for those needing lessons or instruction, a guide will be more than happy to assist you.  Our rivers and Lakes are great spots to learn the sport of fly fishing. Our guides are all excellent instructors and we have spots where you can catch small 12-13 inch trout all day long while you learn the basics  of fly fishing.  After a week with us you will be proficient in many aspects of the sport.  We offer fly tying lessons at the lodge and have enough time in the evenings to teach any beginner all the knots and terminology of fly fishing.

Licenses can be purchase online here at

1. get an 8 day basic angling license
2. get a conservation surcharge - non tidal salmon stamp

The rest we will get at the lodge

Final payment in full is due no later than 14 days prior to arrival. Accepted form of payment is through credit card. (American Express, VISA or MasterCard)

The northern part of BC is entrenched with an incredible amount of mountains, glaciers,  rivers and lakes.  As a result, the Non-Angling program at Bulkley Basecamp Lodge offers guests a host of exciting options amidst breathtaking surroundings, which include:

  • Horseback Riding
  • Scenic Float trips through the canyons of the Bulkley River
  • Whitewater rafting on the Bulkley Rive
  • Jet boat tours up the Morice River viewing wildlife.  You are likely to see, moose, grizzly and black bear, deer, eagles and much much more.
  • Wild mushroom picking
  • Trip to Hyder Alaska to see the grizzly bears feeding
  • Visiting small local villages shopping for local artisan work
  • Birding

Non-angling guests should be prepared for a variety of outdoor activities, and should bring good quality rain gear (jacket and pants), hiking boots, warm clothes, a good quality camera, binoculars, backpack, and a hat. 

There is cell phone reception at the lodge, and on the Bulkley and lower sections of the Morice River.  There is also cel phone reception on the Kitimat River.  The rest of our fly outs and road access rivers and lakes have no reception.  You will know each night wether the following day you will have reception or not.

With all our available water we catch great fish all summer long. Our season starts June 15th  and we run until Aug 21. We fish different areas as the summer proceeds.

Early season the trout fishing is excellent as the fry migrations attract huge trout into outflows of the lakes. The early chinook arrive at the beginning of June and by the 21st the run is in full force.  The runs of salmon continue to pile into all the river systems throughout July, and by Aug 1st the majority of the fish are moving up towards the headwaters of each river.

In August there are still some Chinook entering the river but not in great numbers. The rivers are full of salmon at this time including pinks, chum, and Chinook. The high altitude lakes begin to offer excellent trout fishing as the temps are warm enough to provide consistent insect hatches.

The early salmon are starting to spawn which provides excellent trout fishing as they feed on the eggs.

The weather is unpredictable in Northern BC, but typically by the end of June the weather is quite warm at the lower altitudes. However you should be prepared for all weather conditions.

Best King Salmon fishing in BC

King salmon are the largest of BC’s salmon and are known for their brute strength. This is a voracious predator that will challenge your skills and the best of gear. The Kings will run up to 50 pounds, or more, and require a great deal of skill to hook and land, especially on the fly.

You should be prepared for fights or drives of 15 to 30 minutes to land some of these giants. Our King Salmon fishing program takes advantage of three different rivers in which we target these massive salmon.
The 1st river we fish for King Salmon is the Morice River. We have a small fish camp there (Morice River Lodge), where our guide lives. It is a 45 minute drive from which you will jet boat into the camp.

If you have always wanted the fishing trip of a lifetime, this is the river system that supports the best “World Class” opportunity remaining in Salmon Sport Fishing. The Morice River supports the largest run of King Salmon on the entire Skeena watershed.

The 2nd river we fish for King salmon is the Kitimat – a 20 minute plane ride away from our lodge.

The 3rd river is right in front of the lodge – it’s the famous Bulkley River, our home waters. You will have excellent fly fishing opportunities for King Salmon on the Morice, and Kitimat, and mostly spin fishing on the Bulkley.


Rainbow trout fishing in BC

Rainbow trout fishing is our specialty at Alaska Rainbow Lodge. The worlds largest Rainbow Trout, some trout up to 18 pounds, come from this awesome resource here in the Bulkley Valley making us a truly unparalleled fishing lodge.  Bulkley Basecamp will provide you with a real chance of catching the largest native Rainbow Trout of your life. 

If you want to catch a true trophy Rainbow Trout, some of our remote fly in lakes have some of the largest in the province.  If you like catching large quantities of trout 14-20 inches on dry flies, and have a river all to yourself you will enjoy our fly out adventures.

Derek Botchford and Andrea Soto are the owners and operators of the lodge.  With 15 years experience managing lodges around the world, and guiding anglers on the finest fisheries on earth these two have the experience to ensure a successful week.  Both Derek and Andrea will be with you the entire trip. 

Their philosophy with fishing lodges has always been that the basis of a good operation starts with the fishing program. Bulkley Basecamp offers the best fly fishing for salmon opportunities in BC.  Combining with excellent rainbow trout fishing in both rivers and lakes this is a unique and truly amazing experience.

When you fish with Derek and Andrea, they will assist you from start to finish from the moment you book until the moment you finish your week at the lodge. They don't believe in absentee ownership as they work in every single aspect of the business.

The lodge is located in Smithers, British Columbia and is approximately 535 miles North West of Vancouver.  The airlines are Hawk Air, and Air Canada Jazz which both offer daily flights from YVR to Smithers, with convenient arrival/departure schedules that make same day connections possible for most travelers. The short flight takes just 1hr and 35minutes!

Average daylight hours: One huge advantage about the summers in the north is our hours of daylight.  If you want to fish hard all day, or go out for a couple hours after dinner we can do that

Our daily schedule is based on your preference.  Our typical day starts at 7am but if you prefer to start earlier or later we are happy to accommodate.

June 21 – 19 hours of fishable daylight
July - 16.5  hours of fishable daylight
August – 14 hours of fishable daylight

The following is a list of recommended clothing and personal equipment to bring on your BC fishing trip:

Identification and/or passport (as required) for Canadian Customs

  1. Rain jacket and water-proof pants
  2. High quality windbreaker
  3. Hiking boots/shoes
  4. Warm sweaters
  5. Long underwear
  6. Runners/casual shoes
  7. Long-sleeve shirts, wool or chamois
  8. Jeans, cotton pants
  9. Medium and heavy weight socks
  10. Hat with brim/visor
  11. Toiletries and notions
  12. Medication (if necessary)
  13. Insect repellent
  14. Sunglasses
  15. Sunscreen and lip balm
  16. Digital camera/video camera/film/batteries

Tips are a personal decision and very dependent on the service provided. Tips generally range from 10% to 20% of trip cost.  They are split up evenly amongst the guides and chefs,  and a smaller percentage go to the inside staff.

You don’t have to bring any fishing equipment on your trip.  We do ask you to bring your own waders and wading boots.  We suggest you bring Gore-Tex type chest waders.

We furnish all rods, reels, and flies for your trip. For those that wish to bring their own tackle, we will send you a detailed list of what you'll need. You will never find tired, broken down, or worn out equipment. We value you and your fishing experience too much to allow for any such shortcoming. 

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