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One of the most important aspects of being a lodge outfitter is to try and give back to the sport of Fly Fishing and encourage families to head to the outdoors with a fly rod in hand. This is what sparked our interest in putting together a lodge experience for the entire family. Our family week offers you an incredible opportunity to fish our waters in whatever way best suits your family. If some members decide to stay back at the lodge somedays, or would like rafting, hiking or jet boat tours we will accommodate. Other may take advantage of the fishing more by working over our streams and lakes knowing that there families are well taken care of back at the lodge.

We offer fly casting lessons and instruction for kids and beginners at any level. Our high altitude lakes offer the chance for kids to catch fish all day long receiving immediate action for there efforts. The salmon fishing spin or fly is also very exciting for the entire family.

PRICE: The  heads of the household or adults fish at a discounted weekly rate of $3500 and the “children” for 50% off

WEATHER: July temperatures are usually warm, 60-70 degrees, and we experience lengthy days...almost 20 hours of daylight.

FISHING: We enjoy excellent fishing for all our resident species at this time. Some of our best catches of Rainbow Trout, and brook trout are at this time. We’ll also be fishing for King Salmon, Chum Salmon and a good possibility of Sockeyes, too.

Midsummer Family Week - July 28-August 4

We have had many requests from families whose vacation dates conflict with our early July Family Week, so we decided to add another week. Here it is!

WEATHER: Late July, early August temperatures are normally between 65-75 degrees, and our days are still lengthy for long fishing hours. While generally sunny, rain is a definite possibility at this time of year.

FISHING: All of our resident species are available with excellent dry fly fishing for Rainbow trout. The chum and Pink salmon are running, and there are still some great king fishing to be had. There is also a chance to catch an early Silver Salmon.

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