Bulkley River

We have access to water that very few people ever fish. Fishermen will find themselves floating and fishing there way through seemingly endless miles of cascading pools and rock-walled canyons, deep in the heart of the Bulkley River Valley.

The camps are equipped with very comfortable, heated, canvas wall-style tents, raised on wooden decks. They are located at approximately the mid-point of two spectacular 20-plus mile float trips.  These canyon stretches offer some challenging obstacles for the fish to move through which can cause pods of chinook to stack up.   When fish are stacking up, our canyon camps provide us with water very few other people can access and allow us to target aggressive pods of chinook as they move through.

The Bulkley River tends to run brown in the early summer, and at this time of the year it can be best fished with gear.  Although, when fish begin to stack up bellow significant rapids they become very accessible on the fly.  The key to our success is having the ability to fish the section of river that is holding the largest quantity of fish.  Our Bulkley camps are critical in our strategic fishing program.

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