Fly out fishing in BC

Fishing the Bulkley Valley in the summer is an exciting adventure which will give you a wide variety of opportunities to fish many different types of waters and species. By utilizing a float plane base 5 minutes from the lodge we have access to over 80 miles of fishable waters.

Looking at BC fishing Lodges for yourself, a group or perhaps for a Corporate or Executive Retreat? Well, look no further. At Bulkley Basecamp, our BC fishing trips are one of a kind experiences that create memories to last a lifetime.

If you want trophy Rainbow trout, we invite you to visit our world class lodge on the banks of the Bulkley River, where we take each guest's adventure very personally.  Experience the warmth and hospitality that makes Bulkley Basecamp so special.  Our attention to detail and personalized service helps make us B.C’s place to visit.  Most of all, we provide each guest with freshwater fishing unmatched anywhere in Canada.

We are a premier full-service river-based flyout combination British Columbia Fishing Lodge. Our lodge has the best of two worlds:  1st - the Bulkley/Morice Rivers, our home waters, have a great salmon run where you can target chinook on the fly or with gear;  2nd - we are only 15-35 minutes flight time away from 3 world class rivers and several trophy rainbow trout lakes.

Many lodges in BC and Alaska have a program that is structured so that you must fly-out every day, because there is limited fishing where their lodge is located.  It is very important to choose a lodge that is able to provide trophy fishing opportunities every day of the season, even when you cannot fly out.

Our Lodge location allows us to fish 3 excellent rivers and several 4X4 lakes without ever needing a plane. Our rivers are lake fed and therefore never blow out. We have assured our guests that they will have the opportunity to fish every day during their stay at the lodge.

The available fishing areas includes 2 extremely scenic Provincial parks. Nanika Park has one of the most prolific rainbow trout fisheries in BC. This high altitude lake has voracious trout who gorge in July and August. They stack up in the mouth of the lake where we have seen them take mice off the surface in early evening. Catching 30-50 18 inch rainbows on dry flies is not uncommon in this fishery.

Rainbow fishing in Northern B.C is a very unique experience. The lakes and rivers tend to hold large quantities of fish because of the large amounts of insect life, plus the added nutrients the populations of salmon provide. Trout will follow the salmon into rivers and creeks waiting for the opportunity to begin eating their eggs as they spawn.

Rainbow Alley is exactly this. This small river is located in between 2 lakes and the fish hold here in large numbers. The fish range in a wide spectrum of sizes where Nanika has cookie cutter 18 inchers. Rainbow Alley can produce trout well over 5 pounds. One cast could bring to the surface a 12 incher while the next a 6 pound alpha male. The river is always in good shape, and catch rates tend to be very high each day.

If you come in August you will also be able to stock trophy char at one of our fly in rivers. They come into the river in great numbers to feed on salmon eggs. Fishing Glow bugs behind the salmon provides huge char in the 5-8 pound class.

Salmon fishing is a must when fishing in the Bulkley Valley. The Spring salmon start entering our rivers in the middle of June and continue all the way into August. The Morice River is an excellent place to get them on a fly. The water is clear and not very deep and you will be swinging flies through pools with crashing, rolling chinook waiting to attack a fly.

In the Bulkley River the most successful technique is bottom bouncing egg patterns, or roe. The fish hold consistently in the same pools and rarely are you left without a fish on the beach.  

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