The Rivers

British Columbia’s Skeena river happens to get the largest returns of wild steelhead in the world, and much of the water is picture perfect for spey fishing. Bulkley Basecamp is poised to target these fish all their entire route from the Skeena, into the Bulkley and Morice Rivers. With some planning, we can fish the Babine, Copper, upper Skeena, Nass and beyond. There is no better place on the planet to receive the entire experience.

The basecamp mantra- we go where the fish are!

Our staples are as follows:

The mainstem Skeena is extremely important early in the season as the peak of the run is moving its way into the interior north coast. Here we have it all in one place. Fish destined for every famous river you’ve ever heard of are travelling up the “big flow” and the area around basecamp is ideal to target them. Tagging programs indicate this the first major resting spot for steelhead on their Skeena journey. With regularity they settle in the shallow riffles and speedy tailouts and become extremely accessible to the fly angler. As the pushes of early-season fade from view, the later fish start to call the mainstem home. I mean if you found good real estate why move out?


The Bulkley River is the largest tributary of the Skeena and accounts for up to half of all its fish. This means good or bad year, the Bulkleys got steelies. A spey anglers dream, the water is the most varied on the planet from chunky ledgerock canyons where fish cling to sharp drop-offs and superstars hone their casts, to the gentlest glides of pea-gravel where gentlemen quarter greaseliners through classic runs. The fish are both big and small with one of the healthiest age class structures in the steelhead universe. Young fish from 24 inches brush up against 43 inch leviathans.


The Babine is famous for having some of the biggest steelheads in the world. And while that is the absolute truth, the Babine is so much more. Its giant walking pace runs under the watchful eye of eagles and grizzlies, its wilderness and mountains and its even skater heaven. Receiving one-sixth of the Skeena’s steelhead, paired with the Bulkley not only represent great trophy fishing but the very best odds.

Available 'Add ons' to your Trip

Upper Skeena : Heli fish stretches of water that are completely un-fished. Pristine wilderness setting where 20lb fish are hooked nearly every trip (landed 50% of the time)

Also Babine, Damdochax, and upper Copper trips available to our guests as heli fly outs direct from your front door. We make a real point of being very accessible to the person who wants to take there first steelhead, or spey fishing trip. Our guides are all incredible instructors and knowledgeable about our fisheries. Our guides stay with you all day and weigh in as much as you would like them to throughout a day. Unlike many lodges our guides will never drop you off on a run and leave you to fend for yourself.

Our Rivers offer something for everyone

Our experience is also designed to be exceptionally diverse for the steelhead fisherman that has done it all. Our guests fish in a week what would take most anglers 3 months to do. We own and or operate lodges and camps all across the Skeena system and beyond. From the lower Skeena, to the lower and upper Bulkley, Babine and Morice rivers. Bulkley Basecamp is your off-the-grid answer to all things steelhead.

Bulkley Basecamp prides itself on taking you where you need to go. Novice anglers will find easy wades, gentle glides and accommodating guides during their stay. For those advanced anglers we have the water that will make your blood boil. Rarely fished sections with challenging conditions that offer a reward unlike any other. Its what we call sniper water and there's usually a big one there waiting for willing participants.

We strive to be that wilderness experience that straddles the line between adventure and comfort. It's about campfires and scotch alongside plush beds and booming wood stoves. Its about fresh air and starry skies coupled with amazing food and wine. It's about amazing fishing and even better camp living.


This is truly a collection of the very best steelhead water in the world and the perfect launching pad. We are closer to the heart than the rest, have longer fishing days than the rest and will all work harder than the rest. Put your trust in our knowledge of the fisheries at basecamp and you won't be disappointed.