Specializing in Remote luxury Spey Fishing Camps

At Bulkley BaseCamp we realize not everyone wants to be fussed over like at a lodge. Instead of having every creature comfort known to mankind, some anglers just prefer to sit at a riverside camp fire every night after fishing until dark.  

Our camps are as comfortable as humanly possible and sit strategically on the finest fisheries in northern BC.  

We only target Steelhead and king salmon with spey rods in lesser known, small rivers on the BC coast and Skeena drainages. Our main objective is to show our guests a true BC fishing adventure, one they can return to year after year and still fish new waters each and every time they come.  

Our operations headquarters is centrally located in Smithers, BC which is the heart of steelhead paradise and a short float plane or helicopter ride to the coast .

We hold valuable rod days specifically on the best, trophy steelhead and king salmon fisheries in the province.  

By utilizing our main lodge, then building luxury base camps in pristine remote settings, we have created our own private access to the best spey fishing opportunities on the Skeena system and beyond.

For King Salmon

Depending on the week, we fly into the Douglas channel, Gardner Canal, and or Portland inlet for unique small coastal rivers teaming with King Salmon.  

For Steelhead

We fish the lower, middle, and upper reaches of the Skeena River.  We have access to rod days on the Bulkley, Morice, and Babine rivers. With heli access there is literally nowhere we can't go.

Fishing at Camp

At all our camps we spey fish for tide fresh chinook and giant wild steelhead on rivers we consider to be the finest quality experiences in North America.  We never rely on one river for your week, and go to great lengths to put you on rivers that have limited angling and guided pressure. We have done this buy purchasing rod days on the best king salmon and steelhead rivers in BC.

No Hatchery Fish

We specialize in spey fishing for Steelhead and  king salmon on the fly.  Our diverse fisheries are unique in that we specifically target trophy wild, native BC Salmon and steelhead, no hatchery fish are ever targeted. 

Spey fishing for trophy King Salmon 

Although we love swinging for any king salmon on the fly, it's fish over 40 pounds that make our fisheries special.  By utilizing float and wheel planes you will have access to the best waters in BC all from the most luxurious lodge in the province.

Steelhead program is the most diverse in BC

When experienced anglers come to the Skeena region they want to go after the biggest wild steelhead in the world. Let us take you to the most storied, iconic steelhead rivers in the world all in one week.  Upper Skeena, babine, Bulkley, Morice would take you a lifetime to see on your own. With us you can do it all in just one week.

Bulkley Basecamp

A week stay with Bulkley Basecamp will leave forever, imprinted images of what a wilderness experience is supposed to be. With attention to details, remote comfort, and rivers that continuously challenge and reward its occupants, this is the ultimate BC experience. Our locations have no roads or crowds, just unbelievable fishing, spectacular scenery, and an abundance of wildlife. Our guest/guide ratio (2:1) ensures plenty of individual attention, and a British Columbia fishing program tailored to your expectations.  

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